Balša Garčević
After completing his degree in industrial design engineering at the Academy of Applied arts in Belgrade, he worked as a creative consultant with various advertising agencies before starting a partnership design studio “Insomnia” in 2004. The studio focused mainly on producing high level packaging and industrial design for domestic and foreign companies, mostly in the FMCG department. He withdrew his share from the partnership in order to pursue new business ventures. He has experience with numerous major companies, most notably, regional leaders in the beverage and food industry. His knowledge and experience is extensive when it comes to local and Eastern European markets. His strong points are branding, product development and placement, package design, environment branding, structural design, brand identity, ATL and print campaigns.
Uroš Alavantić
Educated at the Belgrade Design School and the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Philosophy, he worked for numerous advertising agencies. Most notably, he was a team leader at McCann-Erickson in Belgrade. He also freelanced as an art director and ran a small private design consultancy. On many occasions he was responsible for leading projects from design to implementation for major regional corporations. He is very well acquainted with the Western Balkan region, placing an emphasis on Serbia and Montenegro. He provides expertise in numerous fields of the design industry, particularly excelling at brand development, positioning, corporate identity, style guides and standards, BTL, retail branding and packaging design.
Now! Because the industry and market are forever changing, together with consumer focus and habits. Design has grown from being simply used in the name of esthetics into a serious strategic tool for your business.
Because we can offer efficient and unique solutions targeted at your customers’ desires, combining our own visions, expertise and craft with brand value and market insights. Our strategy is creating brand experiences, not just shapes and pictures, creating essence, and not just forms. We create brands that have spirit and life, not merely a way to package your product or service.
Together we form an ambitious design consultancy, dedicated to creating and positioning brands. We depend on our talent and experience in order to deliver outstanding services in areas of strategic branding and visual communications.

The team: 2 creative directors, business development manager, web consultant, web developer, 2 designers and
numerous external collaborative partnerships.
Out of the need for accomplishing relevant and precise solutions, for easier communication and better insight for our clients, we manage our work through the stages:
Internal challenges - client’s needs, whishes, and potentials

External challenges - market, competition, consumers
Design platform, tone of communication, key visual
Brand strategy, brand evaluation, brand footprint, brand idea, selling strategy
Finalisation, implementation, production